Huayhuash trek za 100 hodin

Cordillera Blanca a Huayhuash, dvě pohoří v Peru, která jsou od sebe vzdálená pouhých 140 km a podle mnohých jsou vůbec nejkrásnějším pohořím na světě. I proto jsem si na ně vyčlenil téměř 4 týdny. To se na první pohled může zdát … Continue Reading →

Grossglockner UltraTrail 50K

Tak nějak dopředu jsem tušil, že až se vrátím po 8 měsících cestování do Prahy, tak návrat nebude vůbec jednoduchý. Naštěstí jsem byl natolik prozíravý, že ještě v Peru jsem se přihlásil na závod Grossglockner UltraTrail v nedalekém Rakousku, abych … Continue Reading →

When things go as we don’t want

I should be racing right now but instead I am sitting at internet café in Darien (a place you probably have never heard about – it is one of the biggest dan in South America). Last 3 weeks (as son … Continue Reading →

Working abroad: workaway vs. worldpackers

We often dream of long-time traveling to get insight view of the society, culture and basically to experience the places more than tourists. The biggest financial obstacle when you are traveling is money for accommodation, food and transportation. Before going … Continue Reading →

View from Tilicho base camp.

Tilicho lake trek and Annapurna circuit clockwise

Namaste all 😉 As a Christmas gift we decided with Jirka to go from Pokhara to Annapurrna area. Since we got only 6 days we wanted to do Tilicho Trek, which offers the best from Annapurna circuit. We decided to leave Pokhara … Continue Reading →

Why you should visit Nepal in winter?

Most people in Europe will think that winter in Nepal must be extremely cold if in the Alps we have got 2 metres of snow then in Himalayas it must be impossible even to walk. It’s actually quite the opposite, winter in … Continue Reading →

Before leaving

Namaste all 😉 The idea of going to Nepal was very spontaneous as most of my travels. Ten months ago when I took this photo on Madeira island with these prayer flags I had a dream. Two weeks later I had … Continue Reading →

People of Switzerland #1

Meet Karin! If you are in Champex (a small village in Switzerland near the border with France) I recommend you to stay in a camping, not only because it’s the only cheap accommodation there but mostly because of the people. … Continue Reading →