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_dsc3239Namaste all 😉
The idea of going to Nepal was very spontaneous as most of my travels. Ten months ago when I took this photo on Madeira island with these prayer flags I had a dream. Two weeks later I had my flight tickets for 600 euros and now it’s time to make it happen. At the beginning I was going just for one month but eventually I decided to quit the job and stay longer. I believe that you can see a lot from the country by running/hiking but to understand the society you must slow down a bit and observe the people. Some of my friends were surprised that after 8 months I was still working for corporate but to be honest the work was fine, speaking every day Spanish having an amazing team in Spain and my colleagues were more like friends made to leave the job much more difficult and then there is money of course, the company always comes to you with a better offer, especially now, there are no people on the labour market so even if you don’t want to travel just consider to negotiate your actual conditions ;-). There are always many voices that are telling why you should stay but luckily I already had my ticket to Nepal so there was no way back. After over one year the work became very stereotype so even if I didn’t hit the road I would probably be looking for something new. As one Taoist proverb says ”Any change, even a change for the worse is better than stagnation, stagnation means death”

Packing up for a long-term traveling is not an easy task especially if you go to a country like Nepal where temperature can fall from 20 degrees to -20 in just a few hours and maximum weight you want to carry is 12 kg (the backpack is already 2kg) so there are only 10 kg left to use. The big advantage of going light is that you don’t have to be worried about weight control at the airport :-). Here I made a list of things I am taking with me. I thought it might be useful for someone who has similar plans. When I come back I will make some more review.


Since I don’t like shopping I pretty much enjoy buying clothes only on vinted (there is an option to get notifications for specific brands, which is pretty useful) or bazos. People sell over there a lot of brand new clothes for a fraction of the price. It’s not only more environment friendly but also you save a lot of money and time. Nepal is also famous for very cheap hiking equipment that’s the reason why you won’t find in basic any sleeping bags, down jackets or hiking pants and stove for boiling water is taking my friend who will arrive one week later.


  • 60l Ferrino Transalp backpack
  • Meindl Island: Goretex hiking shoes
  • Running shoes – Salming T2, the most universal and comfortable running shoes I’ve found.
  • First layer: Millet Touring Shield jacket, since it shouldn’t be raining much I decided to take something more breathable
  • Base layer: 2 merino Icebreaker t-shirts, one with long sleeves
  • Merino Carhartt sweater
  • 4 pairs of socks – one of them merino
  • Sunglasess: Julbo Nomad Spectron 4 and R2 for running
  • Sunscreen: Bioderma SPF50 (if you buy sunscreen just after summer you pay half or even less)
  • Gloves: Treksport Summit
  • 2 Buffs (one is for winter)
  • Water filter Steripen – water is one of the most expensive things you buy while you are on a hike.
  • Thermos flask
  • Survival bivi: emergency protection
  • First aid kid
  • Alpenverein travel insurance
  • Headlamp Black Diamont Storm
  • Camera: Nikon D3100 18-105mm, polarized filter (because of the strong sun) and three batteries
  • Mobile phone: Huawei Y5 dual sim
  • Down jacket, sleeping bag and hiking pants will be bought once I get to Kathmandu (should be like 70% off)

Additional things:

  • Running vest Quechua 10l – I found this one better than Salomon for carrying my camera
  • Sunscreen, things for hygiene, underwear, towel
  • Winter mask
  • Shoe cover
  • Free time shoes: Paez (probably will leave them in Kathmandu before trekking)
  • Trekking poles: Fizan Compact 3
  • Salomon wind jacket and shorts for running
  • Compressport sleeves
  • Security money belt
  • Nalgene 1l bottle
  • Some football shirts to give away





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