People of Switzerland #1

Meet Karin!

If you are in Champex (a small village in Switzerland near the border with France) I recommend you to stay in a camping, not only because it’s the only cheap accommodation there but mostly because of the people. I couldn’t get warmer welcome than by my CS friend Greg and Karin who is woofing there. On my arrival they bought me a bottle of strawberry wine, which was actually much more expensive that a night in the campsite just because they thought that running from Chamonix to Champex was cool… As soon as you talk to Karin you realize how irrelevant is to ask someone ”how old are” that age doesn’t mean anything. Her ID says that she is at her 70’s but she is living full. She lives the life I am sure most of you dream to have. Karin was definitely the most inspirational person I met during my short 2 weeks stay in Switzerland/France this year. Here are some facts about her :

  • She loves paragliding – started 15 years ago._dsc5313
  • She thinks that you can do anything you want, you don’t have to be the best but do what makes you happy.
  • She thinks that once you visit Nepal you will never be the same person as before.
  • She used to go to there every year but now she thinks that she is too old, so she goes there every second year.
  • She thinks that I will love Nepal 🙂



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