When things go as we don’t want

I should be racing right now but instead I am sitting at internet café in Darien (a place you probably have never heard about – it is one of the biggest dan in South America). Last 3 weeks (as son as I got an invitation I spent preparing for this race). I think that I have never been better prepared than for any other race. I actually decided to stay a bit longer in Colombia because of this race. It is one of the best trail running event in South America and the organization was just brilliant. It was supposed to be my “despedida para volver” but after 6 amazing weeks un Colombia things turned out to get a bit worse .

Photo: Pacifik Trail, Mibuc

Photo: Pacifik Trail, Mibuc

The way to Cali didn’t start as I planned.  Already on the bus from Medellin to Cali my cellphone got stolen while I was charging it and trying to sleep. It felt down and never saw it again. I got a bit impressed that the driver stopped the bus because of my phone and 5 policemen started to check all passengers but with no luck. Of course I didn’t pay enough attention but what I can’t stand when people say it was your ”fault”. Of course, it wasn’t. You just have to change the way of thinking. Don’t make justify the aggressor.

As soon as I got to Lago Calima – place of the race I got terrible stomach-ache. Once I was able to run again I felt from 3 metres when I was getting over a fence which felt down with me. It was one of these moments when the world stops for you and I was sure it was going to be the end of my traveling. To my surprise I could stand up and even slowly run back to the village but the next day I could barely breathe because of my bruised rips. Google says it will be 3-5 weeks with no sport (bike and squats look fine:)) pretty hard to accept that when your legs became means of transportation but I believe these are exactly the moments that make you stronger. I feel like I am out of my comfortable zone for the very first time while I am travelling but there is nothing permanent and nothing should be taken for granted, so there is a hope for a better time again 🙂 and I can’t wait to run in Ecuador. Last country with Venezuela in South America I haven’t been to.

To end up this post with some good news:I am going to run a race at the end of August in L’echappee, France.


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